August Meeting Minutes

Aug 17, 2023

Ionia Township
Regular Board Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2023
Meeting called to order by Clerk, Sheri Lynn
Members present: Lynn, Harp and Pitchford
Members absent: Scheurer
Members late: McCoy
Pledge of Allegiance
Minutes accepted as printed.
Treasurer’s report accepted as printed.
Motion by Harp and supported by Pitchford to pay this month’s bills on hand. Motion passed.
Public Comment: Sam Brooks requested help with dumpster fees for clean up at 2223 Kellogg Rd.
Brooks was told he could come back when supervisor Scheurer is in attendance to discuss further.
Ionia Public Safety Report was presented by Officer Vance.
Motion by Harp and supported by Pitchford to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.
Sheri Lynn
Ionia Township Clerk